Summary of films made here

NameTelĀ nrEmail
July 2010Platypus ProductionsWoolworths Food Commercial
August 2010Jump ProductionsCoronation life "Christopher the Lion" Commercial
September 2010Moonlighting ProductionFeature Film "Machine Gun Preacher"
October 2010Film AfricaFeature Film "Christmas in South Africa"
October 2010Lobster TreeCharal "Cheetah-Ostrich" commercial
November 2010Free the OrangeDigital commercial
May 2011Fish Eagle CommercialThe Vision Corporation
October 2011France Productions021-419 Stills
October 2011Portal Commercial
April 2012Steel Productions021-430 Stills
May 2012Cape Town Productions021-464 Spirit Stills
November 2012Amazing Clothing Range Stills
December 2012Atomik Pictures021-422 2722afrika@atomikpictures.comMahindra Commercial
February 2013Film Ad021-633
March 2013Lobster Tree021-426 5337jamesm@lobstertree.comPapa Marchal - Feature
May 2013Moonlighting Films021-447 - Commercial
May 2013Moonlighting Films021-447 2208james@moonlightingfilms.comThe Good Lie - Feature
June 2013Orange / Radio Films021-465 commercial
October 2013North South Productions021-421 9900Eric@northsouthproductions.comEtnia Barcelona stills
January 2014The Network Productions021-448 Mate commercial
March 2014Dialogue Shoot stills
April 2014Moonlighting Commercials021-447 Stills
April 2014Moonlighting Commercials021-447 Commercial
April 2014Moonlighting Commercials021-447 Commercial
August 2014Egg Film Service 021-426 0728didi@eggfilms.tvExpedia Commercial
April 2015Prinz Productions214477437info@prinzproductions.comFynch Hatton Shoot
June 2015Juice Films021-434 9781tina@juicefilm.tvFiber One Shoot
October 2015Z - Incralphziman@gmail.comPhoto shoot
June 2016The Prius Shoot
August 2016Lobster Tree Films214265333jacqui@lobstertree.comDIM Safari
October 2016Cooked In Braaimaster - episode 4
October 2016Cooked In Braaimaster - episode 5
April 2017Farm Films214247714craig@farmfilm.tvSafari
September 2017Happy People836287468bartfouche@gmail.comSerengeti rules
January 2018Farm Films214247714york@farmfilm.tvSony
June 2018Gatehouse