Film Location

Lindbergh, unique and unspoilt, the timeless image every filmmaker has of “Africa”, reminiscent of the wide open plains of East Africa, dotted with majestic Acacias, symbol of the African bush, the “Out of Africa” that most filmmakers imagine – is only three hours from Johannesburg on well-maintained roads. An excellent private airstrip also facilitates direct air transfer from Johannesburg in one hour.

Though there are large herds of game at Lindbergh, there are no predators or dangerous game on the reserve, however, any animal can be supplied with professional wranglers on request. 

Rates for location services and accommodation will be tailored to suit the requirements of each individual production.

Lindbergh, known around the world as one of the most spectacular film locations, was established in 1907.  This pristine game reserve of 5000 hectares boasts a wealth of features making it an exotic yet fully serviced location for feature films and television production. 

This malaria free reserve offers an abundance of wildlife, a broad diversity of natural locations, superb accommodation and full production facilities for all sizes of cast and crew.